Learn to play the piano

There are many people who wait for retirement to accomplish their lifelong dream.  They feel they finally have the time to do what they always wanted to but never had the opportunity - like learning to play a musical instrument.  For some, they have always wanted to tickle the ivories and learn to play the piano.

As a retiree, there are many benefits to having piano playing as a cherished hobby.  It is a great activity to keep the mind and body active.  Repetition as you practice your favourite songs as you learn the basics allows the mind to remain sharp.

There are many options on how you can get started with beginner piano lessons online or dvds that you can purchase.  Either will allow you to learn to play if you have a computer. However, if you prefer your instructor to be there in person, you can easily find a music academy in your area or find a tutor to teach you if you have a piano at home.  All at very affordable rates to help you reach your goal.

Chord-based piano methods are probably the best for learning, as they don't require years of practice. If you decide to take lessons it is important not to skip ahead. Start with the easy piano lessons first and learn it thoroughly. Next gradually advance to more difficult pieces of music to help build up your skill. Working in this manner will assist you to learn your favourite songs quickly.

Research in piano pedagogy has shown that music is not only a social phenomenon, but it also has positive biological and neurological health benefits for the elderly.  Studies indicate that taking piano lessons can make seniors feel healthy and younger.  This favourable and lasting effect on mental health is particularly helpful for those that are retired leading solitary and lonely lives.  Those who take the lessons in a group environment have the added benefit of more easily coping with anxiety and depression, along with loneliness.

Piano playing is one of the most relaxing activities to relieve stress and anxiety.  If you become proficient enough, you can play piano at social events and parties. Such acts will create a satisfying and emotionally gratifying experience. You may have an opportunity to play piano at churches or other venues, which can be immensely fulfilling. The possibilities are endless.

Although learning the piano has health benefits for retirees, anyone can give it a try and it is a great goal to reach.  It can be something as simple as a particular song that begs to be learned which becomes a goal to strive for and once achieved gives you a wonderful sense of accomplishment.