A complete , content woman

Known as an epitome of strength, Sonya Kulwant Singh was the most graceful lady in any event, gathering or simply the neighbourhood. With elegance in her blood, Sonya was a woman who emanated an undeterred endurance to overcome any challenge, large or small, which came in her way. It was simply her blind faith in God , that helped her overcome any fears in life, till her last breath.

Born and brought up in Dheradun in a sophisticated family, Sonya was third amongst the five daughters of her elite parents. Being shy, reserved, yet talented as a child, Sonya was always inclined towards the power of the Almighty. She would accept His will and face every challenge that came her way from childhood to adolescence, keeping her faith staunch always. Whether it was periodic illnesses that surrounded her childhood days or a sudden attack of eczema which led to a life threatening situation, Sonya never gave up hope, though the physicians always did !!

Soon she became the demure bride of a dashing Army officer and snuggled comfortably into the life of a courteous army wife. Creating waves with her persona everywhere she went, Sonya would touch each person’s heart with her simple, suave, and sober grace. Motherhood was easy with her first born but difficulties and pain erupted with the second child being an epileptic. With her husband fulfilling the duties all over the nation, Sonya was left to fend for herself and her children. Scurrying from school admissions, an ailing child, meddling in-laws and a few surgeries on herself, life was certainly not a bed of roses for Sonya. But her ongoing faith in God and the love of her husband, made each step easier as life moved on.

Time flew and both her daughters were wedded off to able grooms. Looking forward to spending their retirement years together, Sonya and her husband settled down in their warm farm house. But God had other plans. While severely coughing one day, Sonya was diagnosed with lung cancer. Her husband’s world came crashing down but Sonya just smiled to be the chosen one by God to be called to him, gradually.

The realisation to be struck by the deadly disease cancer can be devastating for anyone, but Sonya simply accepted and surrendered to His will. Before the disease could take away her active movements, Sonya donated many of her valuables to people she cared about. She began preparing her husband and her family for her inevitable departure. The cancer was spreading fast with no cure possible but Sonya was content and peaceful to have led a life where God gave her enough love and comfort she could gather in many lifetimes. She would lie in bed, helpless but never moaning in pain or frustration like many terminal patients. It seemed God had camouflaged her with so much tolerance that the cancer pain could not touch her.

The day a bright rose bloomed outside her bedroom window, Sonya breathed her last, smiling with an unexplainable contentment on her face. She was happy going to God’s home , with her family all around her.

Sonya Kulwant Singh left, but not without leaving her strength in each one of us, especially me, her second born.